Inventory Management

Do you need to reduce your total inventory value? Enhance your customer satisfaction?
Is your supply team stuck on DIFOT and scratching their heads as to why parts are still late?
With deep industry experience, across a wide array of heavy industries including manufacturing, mining, freight and utilities, Vueterra’s affordable and agile inventory management solutions drive bottom-line results by closing the gaps in the supply chain.

In a global economy, where competition is fierce, success starts with getting clear on what your customers really want and then ensuring your team has the necessary skills to find “it” and deliver “it” – in full and on time.
As organisations adapt to the changing needs of the consumer and e-commerce landscape to stay competitive, inventory management has become the supply chain game-changer.

And with the rise of “new ways of buying” such as voice commerce and social media, the “old ways” of having constantly critical asset availability, or inventory that is scattered around your mine site or warehouse – is what can make or break a business today.

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Spare Parts

We specialise in rapid access solutions for spare parts availability across a wide range of industries. Material availability is what undermines most companies.

Reduced Downtime

Our intelligent, cloud-based data analytic systems will help your business maximise ROI around data-related challenges and reduce unplanned asset downtime.

Cost Advantage

Automated Inventory Optimisation proactively prepares your business when there is demand uncertainty plus improves the chances of not stocking out keeping customers happy and balance sheets strong.

ERP AND humans!

We combine operationally focused SAP training with experienced supply chain analysts so that you can extract more from your current technology solutions and fill any gaps with specialised and easy-to-use software solutions which we implement and support.

People Power

Your people will always be your best asset and our KPIs will drive team to help you manage a low-risk, high-performing, balance sheet.

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If you need your supply chain situation turned around fast, we’ll transform unresponsive inventory into a valuable resource for your operation.
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Clients come to Vueterra when:

  • Maintenance activities are suffering due to parts supply
  • Critical inventory is undefined and needs classification
  • Inventory is excessive or scattered across the operation 
  • There is excessive slow-moving or obsolete inventory
  • Supply teams are still stuck on DIFOT wondering why customers are still not receiving their goods on time
  • Clients want an affordable software solution, implemented by experienced industry professionals 
  • Warehouses are stacked sky-high with the incorrect inventory.

After working with Vueterra clients report:

  • Greater availability and visibility of goods 
  • Improved maintenance productivity 
  • Better future planning accuracy
  • Lower operating costs

Most of all, your supply team will be equipped with a premium materials management service which protects savings and prevents the risks of extended asset downtime.

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